Microbiology Tests

One of the primary reasons for micro testing is for salmonella.

One of the primary requirements for micro testing in agriculture is for salmonella in stored grains and pulses storage sheds. Swabbing of grain trailers, shed walls and floors are normally required for storage facilities. Swabs can be supplied by our lab for this purpose.

As part of the Red Tractor Scheme growers should arrange for periodic testing of water used for irrigation, spraying, cooling (including ice) and cleaning for microbial contamination, the frequency based on risk assessment. Testing for total E. coli is recommended. Additional micro-organisms, such as pathogens of major concern may be tested for if there is a potential or suspected hazard.

Suggested minimum testing frequencies are annually with mains water, quarterly with groundwater. Test surface water for quality assurance 3 times during the season:

  • at planting (high flow)
  • at peak use (low flow)
  • at harvest

All testing is carried out in our TASCC accredited laboratory, and we are also a Licensed Seed Testing Station for certified seed. Click here to view the full range of testing and analysis options we have available.

If you would like further details on our microbiology tests, or to discuss your testing requirements then please do get in touch on 01223 834100 or hello@granta.uk.com.

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