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Granta Processors is the only independent processor of seeds and pulses for the food trade in the UK.

Welcome to Granta’s independent agricultural laboratory... we’re dedicated to providing service and quality that’s second to none.

Our laboratory was established in 1957 and since then we have continuously extended the range of tests available and now offer all types of agricultural analysis required by the trade. We have a wide customer base of farmers, agricultural consultants, merchants, mills and many more, who are spread across the UK and Ireland – wherever you are based, the service is the same!

Our laboratory is fully TASCC accredited for grain testing and is a DEFRA Licensed Seed Testing Station.

To make our services easy to use we will send you free sample bags and FREEPOST mailing bags, or for larger quantities we will arrange for our reliable couriers to collect from you.

Other information

  • Reports can be sent via phone, fax, email or post
  • Samples are retained for one month from date of analysis
  • Analysis is invoiced monthly
  • Bespoke package prices available

Granta Processors is the only independent processor of seeds and pulses for the food trade in the UK. With over 40 years’ experience in the food industry, and in excess of 90 years in the seed industry we are uniquely placed to provide technical and analytical backing to the trade.

Our experience and abilities both in analysis and processing are widely respected by leading professionals in both fields. Our independence of any trading organisation makes us the first choice for many importers and traders who not only require the reassurance that their goods are in safe hands but are also concerned about the confidentiality of their trade.

A policy of continuous development has meant that we have developed our processes in line with the needs of the trade and we are equipped to offer a professional service tailored to the particular needs of individual customers.

Over the years a wide range of different products have been cleaned. With a large range of cleaning machinery, including some of the latest technology, Granta Processors are able to carry out cleaning to very high standards. Much of the product processed is destined for well-known national food retailers and we are required to bring product up to the very exacting specifications that they require for today’s top food outlets. Some of the work is 'due diligence' cleaning to enable product from many origins to be readily accepted in this country. A further part of the work is reclaiming transit or storage damaged products by removing infestation, admixture or contamination. Lower cost basic repacking is also offered where the packaging is unsuitable for the end user due to the packaging size or materials.

Granta Processors has achieved BRC accreditation for the Global Standards for Food Safety, and continues to maintain high standards, achieving an “AA” grade at the most recent audit. The company is also registered with Soil Association for processing organic goods.

Some of the goods processed are seeds for further growing and to facilitate this, Granta Processors is also registered with DEFRA as seed processors.

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