We offer industry-leading processing of grains, pulses and seeds to the highest standards typically required by supermarkets and food producers in the UK.

Granta Processors offers industry-leading processing of grains, pulses and seeds to the highest standards typically required by supermarkets and food producers in the UK. Working independently for traders and importers, we produce consistent high-quality results with complete confidentiality for a wide range of commodities in our BRC registered factory. Our high-tech processes include sieving, aspirating, length separation, polishing, de-stoning, needling, colour sorting, X-ray screening and metal detection as well as mixing and blending of seeds – all backed up by stringent quality control in our own TASCC and DEFRA registered laboratory for complete peace of mind.

Our full range of processing services

Granta Processors is the only independent processor of seeds and pulses for the food trade in the UK. We can trace our heritage back 110 years to 1906, and the service that is available today is built on long experience, coupled with the latest in high-tech processing equipment.

A policy of continuous development has meant that we have developed our processes in line with the needs of the trade and we are equipped to offer a professional service tailored to the particular needs of individual customers.

Our experienced technical staff, not only have a deep understanding of seeds biology and pathology, but also understand the science behind the sorting technology, thus enabling them to set and adjust the equipment precisely to ensure the most effective result.

Our experience and abilities in processing are widely respected by leading professionals in this field. Our independence of any trading organisation makes us the first choice for many importers and traders who not only require the reassurance that their goods are in safe hands but are also concerned about the confidentiality of their trade.


We sometimes have to deal with problems where a destination has refused to unload due to leaks, fallen IBCs, infestation, etc. We can also take in bulk loads from containers and bulk lorries.


We have two fumigation chambers on our site, both equipped with a 'Speedbox' which enables us to take in infested goods for fumigation without endangering other stocks. The Speedbox heats the fumigant and circulates hot gas aroundthe chamber which greatly enhances the effectiveness and speed of the fumigation. This service is also available for routine fumigation.

Screening and Aspiration

Almost all process runs include screening and aspirating. It is important to present subsequent, more sophisticated machinery with size and gravity graded material to maximise their efficiency. Our extensive library of sieves enables us to accurately process a wide range of commodities.


Needling was initially developed for the UK pea crop but has proved very useful for removing weevil holes and sprouted and cracked grains from imported material.


Gravity separation / air flotation is an important process for removing soil, stones and glass. It can also be useful for removing lighter fractions.


We have a polishing technique which uses no additives and gives a natural shine to beans which have a dull or dusty appearance.


X-ray scanning is an important complement or alternative to Sortexing, giving superior results for certain problems.

Colour Sorting

Specialist cleaning often requires colour or infra-red sorting. We have two colour sorting machines available: a Satake tri-colour and a Sortex bi-chromatic Z Series. Both machines are highly sophisticated sorting machines with an advanced Graphic User Interface, enabling colour plots to be produced for both accept and reject material, and allowing accurate setting of the reject boundaries.


We can carry out blending / mixing of products to customer requirements.

Bag-by-Bag Sorting

Some problems are best met by opening each bag, inspecting the goods and allocating them to a category so that subsequent processing can produce marketable grades.

Metal Detection

All our processing lines have a metal detector and magnets just before packing.


All processed foods can be packaged into bags from 12.5kg up to 2,000kg.


Intake samples are tested in the laboratory for admixture and moisture. During processing an automatic sampler draws sub-samples every half minute and a 5kg composite sample made from these is searched for every five tonnes processed. Results of these and other tests are reported in a standard format which can be tailored to customers' individual requirements. We also offer an analysis of samples sent to us of goods held by other stores. The laboratory is a Defra licensed seed testing station and is TASCC accredited for grain testing. It is also equipped for agricultural soil and tissue testing.

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