Our People

A close knit and efficient team of dedicated, skilled and highly experienced professionals.

We believe in keeping our staff fully informed and engaged in to the performance of the business and involving them in strategic decisions for growth. We understand that they all are likely to have experience that can benefit the whole team and we invite feedback at all times. As a result, we have a dynamic team of uniquely skilled and experienced individuals who together make a great team with a high level of loyalty. The staff turnover is therefore extremely low and although we are only a small team we have a combined aggregate of over 190 years of experience in this particular field.

This experience, together with our long heritage dating back to 1906, means we are uniquely equipped to provide an unrivalled service in the seed and food service sector.

The smallness of the team means that the senior management are in direct contact with all members individually and we are therefore able to be flexible in our approach with your goods.

Stephen Marsh - Managing Director

Stephen Marsh

Managing Director

Geoffrey Marsh - Technical Director

Geoffrey Marsh

Technical Director

Ben Marsh - Operations Manager

Ben Marsh

Operations Manager

Sam Marsh

Logistics Manager

Karen Markillie

Office Manager

Indira Jukneviciene

Laboratory Manager

Sam Markillie

Laboratory Sales & Marketing

Valerie Bogarova

Laboratory Technician

Colin Gibson - Maintenance Manager

Colin Gibson

Maintenance Manager

Andrew Ellis - Production Manager

Andrew Ellis

Production Manager - Day

Malcolm Lea

Deputy Production Manager - Day

Piotr Wojcik

Production Manager - Night

Joseph Falzon

Deputy Production Manager - Night

James Warren - Warehouse Manager

James Warren

Haverhill Warehouse Manager

Hadley Palmer

Whittlesford Warehouse Manager

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